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1. Introduction
2. Crosstalk Propagation in All-Optical Networks
2.1 Introduction
2.2 System description
2.2.1 Network model
2.2.2 Crosstalk model
2.3 Continuous wave approximation
2.3.1 Analysis for NRZ signals
2.3.2 Validation by simulation
2.4 Semi-analytical method for RZ signals
2.4.1 Semi-analytical evaluation of crosstalk impact
2.4.2 Validation by simulation of the semi-analytical technique
2.5 Summary

3. Cross-Layer Adaptive Routing and Wavelength Assignment in All-Optical Networks
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Assumptions and system description
3.3 Fair QoS-aware adaptive routing and wavelength assignment
3.3.1 Algorithms description
3.3.2 Evaluation through simulation
3.4 QoS-aware adaptive routing and wavelength assignment with optional coding
3.4.1 Algorithms description
3.4.2 Evaluation through simulation
3.5 Summary

4. Analysis of Blocking Probability in Crosstalk-Impaired Networks
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Network and crosstalk model
4.3 Wavelength blocking
4.3.1 Blocking due to wavelength continuity
4.3.2 State-dependent arrival rates
4.4 QoS blocking
4.4.1 Distribution of the number of crosstalk terms
4.4.2 Blocking probability due to QoS
4.4.3 State-dependent arrival rates
4.4.4 Computational complexity
4.5 Validation by simulation results
4.6 Summary

5. Conclusions and future work
A. Q-factor computation
A.1 Load independent terms
A.2 ASE noise
A.3 Node crosstalk term
A.4 Nonlinear crosstalk term